John Wick Chapter 2 Review

     All of this started because of a dog. Jesus. 

      A couple of years ago, John Wick graced our screens and quickly became one of my favorite action movies of all time. Rarely do you see a film that manages to take a simple premise, hoods killed his dog, and it propels you into a world so dense, so rich that you just want to stay in it. 

     I can’t remember the last time a new sequel made me so giddy with excitement. 

     John Wick (Keanu Reeves) has just gotten satisfaction from killing the assholes who killed his dog, and is ready to retire… again. But someone from his past is back to collect a debt, a blood oath that if he refuses could have dire consequences for his existence. So, the carnage begins again. And you’ll never be happier. 

     John Wick Chapter 2 needs to be taught in films schools on how to craft a sequel. This isn’t a retread, but an actual continuation of the story. Sure this time he’s not causing millions in property damage because someone killed his dog, but you still get sucked into this world that was only glimpsed at in the original. 

     Yes, here’s a follow-up that expands upon the foundation of the original. 

     The action here comes off as nothing short of art. Seeing the picture, I was astonished at how much of a comic book feel it generates. I’m talking an actual old school comic book, with deep, rich, luscious colors, blood splatters that would make Jackson Pollack proud, and editing so precise that, holy shit, I can see what’s happening in the scene. This needs to be the standard, not the exception. 

     When the original was released, I proudly included it among the best films of 2014. I have never been happier to say that I saw a sequel that is in so many ways better. Chapter 3 can’t get here soon enough. 


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