Bad Santa 2 Review

     Alright. Can we stop making sequels to comedies that came out over a decade ago? I get that nostalgia is really in right now, but come on! Don’t say something has taken this long to make when it was obviously written over a weekend between Netflix binges. While Bad Santa 2 isn’t as offensively bad as some sequels, but that’s what makes it all the more offensive as a moviegoer, ironically. 

     It’s been 13 years since the events of the original, and Willie’s (Billy Bob Thornton) life is still in the shitter (because fuck emotional growth). He’s still being bothered by The Kid (Brent Kelly), and is on the point of suicide. But he gets a call from his old partner Marcus (Tony Cox) for one last score. They set out to rob a charity with Willie’s mom (Kathy Bates) being the mole in the organization.

     Let’s get it out of the way that not only do I love the original Bad Santa but it’s my annual Christmas movie. And its still just as hilarious as the first time I watched it. There is a great cynicism to Willie in that film, but like any good movie he goes through a transformation that makes him barely a decent person (Beating the shit out of some kids can have that effect on a man). Here? Well the character had to regress a little in order for there to even be a follow-up, so you’re getting some of the same old shit, and man is that stale this time around. 

     One of the saddest things in a movie going experience is seeing a comedy and quickly realizing that the movie is going to suck. I did laugh, I suppose, but it was mostly pity laughs (And the fact that I spent money). But the original film was so quotable, so devoid of decency that you marvel at the audacity of its quips. Here? I can recite maybe one line, and even I don’t find myself laughing in public where I get more odd looks than normal. 

     While not offensively bad as Zoolander 2 it still feels like a wasted my time; the talent in the film were all wasted. The only thing that should have been wasted was Willie and his mom, but even the filmmakers couldn’t even get that little bit of awesome right. 


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