Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Review 

     This has quickly become one of my new favorite series in cinema right now. This is all in no small part due to Tom Cruise just owning the role of Jack Reacher. The man oozes confidence that is almost downright second to none. So when it comes to this new installment, that’s why you should see it. Fuck the plot. 

     Reacher (Tom Cruise) goes back to his old Army base to meet up with Major Turner (Cobie Smulders) when he finds out that she’s been arrested for espionage. After her lawyer ends up dead, and Reacher has been framed for the crime, he and Turner must go on the run in order to clear their names and protect a girl named Samantha (Danika Yarosh) who may or may not be Reacher’s daughter, from an contractor (Patrick Heusinger).

     Having been a huge fan of the first Jack Reacher film, my hopes were pretty high for this one, and it’s alright as a piece of entertainment overall. As stated before, Cruise just kills it in the part with oneliners that would make The Bruce Willis blush. At the showing I attended, everyone was laughing or ohhhh-ing when Reacher just said some badass shit, that I would never be able to get away with saying. 

     That’s when the movie works the best; Reacher just beating the holy hell out of people after he warns them. You know you want to see that shit. 

     The plot on the other hand doesn’t quite jive like the first film did. This film doesn’t have much of a mystery, and this whole subplot about Reacher’s supposed daughter just felt like fluff that distracted from the main plot, and gave an artificial motivation for the character. This time the sum of it’s parts didn’t come off as a cohesive whole. 

     As much as I didn’t enjoy Jack Reacher: Never Go Back nearly on the same level as the first one, I did get what I wanted which was Reacher doing Reacher shit. I guess deep down I wanted more of that; more of Reacher’s history revealed, more detective shit, and I can’t get enough of a man beating the shit out of people when he wants to be left alone. Regardless, I still can’t wait to see the next one. 


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