Yoga Hosers Review 

     Horror-Comedy is a tricky thing. If you veer off too much into one direction, you undermine the other and you end up with an uneven film that can cause you to lose the audience. Yoga Hosers sadly falls into the camp of being way too silly to be effective as both horror and comedy. 
     The Colleens (Harley Quinn Smith, Lilly Rose Depp) are now minor celebrities due to the events in Tusk just want to party and become popular. But one day, evil bratwurst Hitler clones start to terrorize the Colleens and with the help of master detective Guy LePointe (Johnny Depp), they set out to destroy the bratzis once and for all. 

     I had a similar experience watching Mallrats after seeing Clerks in which I fucking hated Mallrats for being too slapsticky in comparison, but I later came to love and appreciate it in time. I’m not sure that’ll happen with Yoga Hosers. Tusk was this hilariously grotesque film that even made you feel unclean after seeing it. I go into this, and get a film that is neither. 

     This time around Kevin Smith has a movie with no seeming inspiration for what he’s trying to do here. The Colleens have no real distinct personalities, which made it difficult for me to give a shit about them. And LaPointe just comes off as a half assed Colombo rip off without the endearing qualities. 

     At its core as I thought more about the film, I just realized that the film wasn’t funny, witty, scary or imaginative enough for me to even begin to like it. Yeah, I may not be the intended audience for it and some of you can maybe get a kick out of it, but I expect better from Kevin Smith as a writer and a director. Hell, I’ve seen him do better and that’s what depresses me so. 


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