Hush (2016) Review 

     I fucking love a good cat and mouse movie. Where someone is being stalked and tormented by some crazy mother fucker. It’s why I love the Halloween flicks so damn much. I do have to own up to the fact that most of these types of flicks suck because they’re just plain lazy. 

     Hush is by far one of the best films of its ilk, but also of the year. 

     Maddy (Kate Siegel) is a writer who has retreated to the woods to write her next opus, with many of her friends and family members checking up on her because she’s deaf. Soon enough some guy (John Gallagher Jr.) starts to terrorize her because reasons. Then the games begin. 
     Holy shit, this movie is so good. Like so damn good. The director Mike Flanagan is a fucking master of his craft. The guy knows how to build tension, craft suspense, and even get great performances out of his cast. The level of expertise here is on par with the original Halloween. And like Flanagan’s previous film, Oculus, I was actually vocal when some sad shit went down. 

     A horror movie that made me care if people lived or died? The fuck out of here with that (but its true).

     Kate Siegel is one of my favorite actresses now. It can be so easy to take a character such as Maddy and use her deafness as a cheap ploy to evoke sympathy, but lord no. She is a smart, resourceful, strong woman who will stop at nothing to survive. Even though the set up to her character is brief, but so effective that I rooted the entire time for her. I actually became invested. 

     I can’t recommend this movie enough, which can be found on Netflix in America, and Halloween is three short months away, so you have a good movie to watch. But see it now. Don’t be an asshole and just see it. It’ll be good for the soul. 


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