Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Review 

     One of the few things I like about the summer movie season is the counter programming. While everyone else is going off to see whatever the fuck action movie that’s out, we get smaller fare like Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. And with all the studio stuff out now, its a well deserved break. 

     Mike and Dave  (Zac Efron, Adam Devine) are the life of the party until they destroy it. Literally. Because their little sister is getting married, the guys need to bring good girls that will keep them inline. What they actually get is Tatiana and Alice (Aubrey Plaza, Anna Kendrick) who may just cause enough mischief to give Mike and Dave a run for their money. 

     I’ve mentioned countless times jow difficult it is to review a comedy since a decent person doesn’t want to spoil the best gags. Thankfully the trailers don’t do that shit either, so you’re good on that front. When it comes to comedies, the important thing is the chemistry between the actors, and here it works. 

     Zac Efron is the biggest surprise for me in how he’s constantly improving as a comedic actor; he’s more relax, more confident in that he doesn’t need to steal the spotlight. Speaking of stealing the spotlight, Adam Devine and Aubrey Plaza seems to be having a pissing contest on who outdoes the other, and that shit is hilarious. Sometimes you wonder how filthy these two can get. Basically, Efron and Anna Kendrick are the straight laced characters, and they are more than satisfactory in their parts. 

     What I noticed the most about Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is how as a comedy, it manages to mix two distinct style fairly well, the slapstick and dialogue  based humor. I like to think of the film as an all inclusive comedy. If you’re a fan of the style of humor, or better yet, the actors than you’ll have a good time seeing this. 



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