Why The Ending of Pretty In Pink Is A Bunch of Bullshit


     The ending of Pretty in Pink always bugged the ever loving shit out of me. I just fucking sat there during the end credits thinking that what I saw just didn’t fucking feel right.
     To bring you guys up to speed, Pretty in Pink deals with Andie (Molly Ringwald) falling for the preppy rich mother fucker, Blaine (Andrew McCarthy). A rich guy with a poor girl, Jesus how will they raise the children? Then there’s Duckie (Jon Cryer) the long suffering friend who’s in love with Andie. Anyways, because Blaine has some asshole friends (James Spader), he breaks up with Andie, she goes to prom with Duckie and he lets her go be with Blaine because he cares about her happiness, or some bullshit. Blaine and Andie live happily ever after. The end.
     The thing is, that ending comes completely out of left field. Think about it for a second; there’s no build up at all to that conclusion. So it was no surprise to me at all that I ultimately came to find out that that was not the original ending. Andie was supposed to end up with Duckie.
     See, now that makes a shit ton more sense. The two friends are estranged for the second half of the movie, but still remains loyal to her. If you notice, he even fights for her (even when it makes him look like an asshole). Blaine caves into peer pressure and dumps Andie, while Duckie takes her back, no questions asked. Shit, the movie was supposed to end with David Bowie’s “Heroes” and those lyrics alone clue you in on the affect that he wanted the ending to have.
     The thing with the late John Hughes is that his endings are planned out, and built upon. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is literally the best example I can come up with. The whole film is littered with references to the truth behind John Candy’s character. It even flashes back to those scenes for God’s sake. Imagine if the ending were changed and the construction of the story is destroyed. What if the ending to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was changed so the Ferrari isn’t destroyed. It fucks the whole thing up. It ruins character archs, and that shit fucking matters.
     Aside from the build up to the whole movie is ruined, but what truly offends me is how fucking lazy the rewrite was to give everyone a happy ending. Right after Duckie let’s Andie go, he sees a hot girl checking him out, and he’s, presumably, going to fuck her. Good for him, but its blatant Deus Ex Machina at its worst.
     Imagine that Duckie didn’t see random hot girl. Imagine that he let go of the love of his life so she could be happy. Imagine that in his noblity he ends up alone, that sometimes in life in order for someone to have that happy ending, someone has to sacrifice theirs. That would make all of you cry; instead we get some bullshit fable (fairy tales tend to end tragically) on how everything will work out. In high school? Fuck you.
     If any of you are curious about how Pretty in Pink should have played out, watch Some Kind of Wonderful. Same plot, except its a guy at the center of the love triangle.


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