Zootopia Review


     I don’t recall much buzz about Zootopia before it came out. I know that it’s a Disney film, but I must admit that if it’s not Pixar, then I really don’t give a shit what Disney Animation puts out. So to say that this movie was a complete surprise would be an understatement.
     In a world where animals of all different types can now somehow coexist, little bunny Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) dreams of becoming a police officer, but she’s literally a bunny. Would you take a bunny seriously as a cop? Yeah, neither would every other animal from lions to tigers to rhinos. But that doesn’t stop her and actually achieves her goal. Yay!
     But the real world can be a fickle bitch, and not even her own boss, a bison (Idris Elba) takes her serious. She’s basically an Affirmative Action hire. Soon, she meets a con artist fox (not making this shit up) named Nick (Jason Bateman) and the two are forced to work together to uncover an unsettling conspiracy.
     By all accounts, Zootopia shouldn’t have fucking worked. Read that summary again. It’s fucking crazy! I’m  telling you, John Lasseter, the head of Pixar, really did a number at Disney. In recent years the output of films are not only funny, but really emotional.
     I can’t even remember the last  time I laughed out loud this much during a Disney flick.
     The DMV sloth scene is the obvious standout here, and is the key to the movies success. As adults, mostly bringing the kids, that scene is way too fucking real. Kids would find it funny because of the absurd exaggeration, but parents know that its not. The kids are entertained, the parents are also.
     Going back to the emotional side of things, the message of the movie, don’t underestimate anyone or their dreams, is just simply a wonderful one to see in a kids film. Really think about your favorite films growing up; they all had some message that helped you out in life. It just makes me happy that the studio hasn’t lost sight of the fact that life is hard, especially when it comes to your dreams, but that all difficult things are worth doing when it’s your passion. Shit, I know some adults that need to be reminded of that.



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