Why Dimension Films Losing The Halloween Franchise Is A Good Thing


     This past week I finally went to the Myers House in South Pasadena (the actual house used for filming) and it got me thinking about the next Halloween film which was supposed to film in July of 2015, but then got postponed. Imagine my fucking shock when it was announced in late December that not only was the film canceled, but that Dimension Films lost the god damn rights.
     The Halloween series has been under the control of Miramax/Dimension, for over 20 years at this point and released 5 films during that time:

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
Halloween: 20 Years Later
Halloween: Resurrection
Halloween  (2007)
Halloween II (2009)

    Out of these flicks, 2 of them are any good, and even then I’ll piss someone off with the second choice. Shit, Curse became legendary for being fucked with during test screenings. Not even Universal Studios fucked with the franchise as much as Dimension has.
     It always bugged me that H20 retconned Halloween 4-6 out of continuity. And as much as I love that movie, and its ending, it felt like such a slap to the face of fans that invested in Jamie Lloyd, and the further adventures of Dr. Loomis. But then the next film just kept digging that grave further into shittiness.
     And along came Rob Zombie.
     As much as I don’t despise his Halloween remake, it really wasn’t necessary to put it mildly. To paraphrase Patton Oswalt, “I don’t give a fuck where the things I love come from, I just love the things I love.” Seriously, that shit is true. Halloween II is reason enough to revoke the rights to the franchise.
     To be upfront, I’m the kind of fan that’ll watch any new Halloween movie that comes out. It’s part nostalgia, part blood lust, its like a comfort food. Its been, as of this writing, 6 and a half years since the last movie, and every year I start to think about where the franchise is headed. Well, now the fucker’s dead.
     I can’t predict if another studio will pick up the right, since slasher flicks are a passè sub-genre. Its sad that I think its future is brighter without a studio than with Dimension. Maybe it’ll get bold for once (Don’t fucking laugh, it can be good again). Either way, I’ll be right there at the cinema, first in line. And Dimension Films can go fuck itself for depriving me of a new Halloween film for almost 7 years! Fucking cock knockers.


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