Deadpool Review


     Deadpool is a flick that could have gone very, terribly wrong. We already know what happened to the character in his last incarnation, and shit, do the filmmakers know it. They beat themselves up about it quite a bit, and its fucking deserved. But they find the right tone, and you’ll be laughing a whole fucking lot.
     There’s no Origin bullshit here.
     Wade Wilson  (Ryan Reynolds) is a smart ass gun for hire who falls in love. Awwww. Then he gets cancer, gets experimented on, develops a healing factor, and is out for vengeance. That’s the story in a nutshell. No one gives a shit about the story. You want to know if the movie is any good or not. Let’s not kid ourselves here.
     The movie is everything a fan could have hoped for. That means its fucking awesome.
     From the opening credits, you know that this isn’t going to be your typical “superhero” movie. The humor is painstakingly meta, breaks the fourth wall constantly to the point that Deadpool knows he’s in a fucking movie. That alone shows that, holy fuck, the filmmakers know the god damn material. I would feel like a total douche if I were to even remotely hint at the gags and jokes the movie has in store.
     Not going to do it. Let’s move on.
     The movie does have a section that does drag the picture down. It involves mostly the new origin of the character (for the cinema at least), and that’s just the fact that I’m fucking fatigued with origin stories. It does give the character some weight, and I know you need to explain who he is, but the humor is really fucking lacking at this part. I got antsy and wanted fun, murderous Deadpool, not trying to find purpose Deadpool.
     The great thing is that once that shit is over, we’re back to subversive fun that had me laughing all the way to then end credits (and beyond. Hint). Look, I’ve been getting a bit burned out by the glaut of superhero movies lately, and Deadpool manages to poke a ton of holes in the genre, and formula on the whole. This is the superhero movie I had been waiting for, the superhero movie that we all need right now.


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