Hail Caesar! Review


     A Coen Brothers film can be a hell of a unique experience. Aside from the fact that each one of their pictures is vastly different from the last, even the stories they have within that particular genre is different in style, mood, and tone from the other. Hail Caesar! carries on with this tradition, and depending on who you are, that’s either a great, or terrible thing.
     The film really does have an episodic feel, all connected by the character of Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin) as the Hollywood fixer who covers up scandals and settles disputes among the talent, like a director  (Ralph Fiennes) who can’t deal with an actor, or the starlet  (Scarlett Johansson) who is having a child out of wedlock, or hell, the big name star (George Clooney) who somehow managed to get himself kidnapped. A day in the life I suppose.
     As a fan of anything remotely dealing with old Hollywood, this movie was a fucking delight. The subplots are numerous, and really come out of leftfield. Look, the movie is weird. Its absurdity at its finest. There were so many times where I wondered, “The fuck am I watching?” and I mean that as the highest compliment I can bestow upon the picture.
     The Coens are strange fimmakers. I’ve tried to think of an entry in their filmography to compare it to, and I’ve failed. Its not like The Big Lebowski, O’ Brother Where Art Thou? And it sure as fuck isn’t like Raising Arizona.
     Hail Caesar! is just this odd mash up of genre styles that dominated Hollywood back in the 1950s. There’s even a fucking musical number that breaks out, for Christ’s sake. And as absurd as the movie gets at times, the story stays true to the politics of the good old days.
     If there is one complaint I do have, is that it tries to have a resolution. Yes, a movie should resolve itself, but here it felt forced and the only studio note that felt that came through. Now that I think about it, that may be their master stroke. 


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