Spectre Review


     I don’t think I have ever seen a Bond film that was made by die hard fans of the series before. I seriously need to see Spectre again. To be clear, that’s not a slight against the film, not at fucking all. There’s just too much information packed onto the image, it feels like you need to study the shit out of the movie. It was like Skyfall for me in that sense; I just want to revisit the fuck out of this.
     007 (Daniel Craig) is in Mexico during the Dia De Los Muertos celebration on “holiday” while he’s actually out to kill the fuck out of somebody. Bond received a message that is leading him down a rabbit hole towards a secret organization, while M (Ralph Finnes) is dealing with bureaucratic bullshit, namely a little shit called C (Andrew Scott) who wants to discontinue the 00 program, and have everything go digital. Meanwhile Bond locates the key to finding out about the head of Spectre (Christoph Waltz) in Madeline Swan (Lèa Seydoux). But what Bond discovers could very well change how he views his past.
     With the previous three Bond films we had a bit of a build up to the classic cinematic Bond; it’s like we’ve seen 007 gradually become the Bond that we know and love. And here, we’re coming back to the spectacle of the James Bond movies. I knew from the amazing Pretitle sequence that some fans might be turned off because, holy fuck, it has humor in it!!! It worked for me, because it has felt like we got a four film origin story. Which it totally is.
     Not to seem like I’m sucking off this movie, it is far from perfect. There’s a subplot that’s introduced that made me go, “That’s going to tie in” (trying not to give spoilers but, yeah, its fucking obvious). And even the way it tied into the plot, it felt like old hat. To be fair to the movie, and to new fans, a lot of the movie is obvious. The whole movie is a fucking love letter to 60s Bond. Visual references up the ass to old films, which is a delightful treat to me.
      Daniel Craig by now has this fucker down pat. He is Bond at this point, and his chemistry with Lèa Seydoux is pretty damn good. I bought that they were falling for each other. Christoph Waltz was exactly what I wanted in a villian. Ever since I heard his casting, I pictured him exactly like I did in this movie. That made me happier than a pig in shit. But where the movie really makes its stride is how it handles the Bond supporting characters (M, Moneypenny, Q); namely that they actually have a role in the story instead of setting the plot in motion.
     I never thought I would have to give this warning in a Bond film, but you need to see the last 3 movies. I’m not fucking around here. I thought, “Oh a reference or two ain’t bad” to “Holy shit, this is a four part movie!!!” 007 pictures are episodic in nature; not this time that’s for damn sure. You can still enjoy the movie, just that the revelations of the connective tissue won’t mean as much. This is a fan movie. This movie is exactly what I hoped it would be: A thrilling, exciting, throwback to the 60s-70s Bonds. I mean, shit, what do you expect? It’s called Spectre.


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