James Bond Reviews: #2: Skyfall


     I didn’t think that Bond films could get this good, especially 50 years after the first installment. I honestly feel that we’re now in a new era of Bond films; films that don’t skimp on the action, but still manage to focus on characters. There’s craft behind this movie, undeniable skill and care have been implemented.
     007 is dead. Well, MI6 thinks he’s dead while on assignment, and he’s living the good life; getting drunk, and banging chicks. Good on him. Meanwhile, MI6 has been destroyed, and a list of all undercovers has been compromised with names being revealed. Bond (Daniel Craig) sees this and comes back to help M (Judi Dench) find Raul Silva (Javier Bardem) and stop him before he goes after he’s real target: M herself.
     Right off the bat, I never thought I would ever see a 007 movie that actually goes into his past; I’m talking about his fucking childhood. While Skyfall itself was invented for the movie, all other details ie Bond’s parents names, his nationality are all taken from the novels. 23 films in, and we’re just finding out about the man. That’s fucking nuts, and shows how far the series has evolved to the point to give it’s protagonist some fucking depth.
     Skyfall is the origin film that never realized that we needed, and that all starts with Q (Ben Wishaw). The interaction between them in their first scene is the seed for their banter in the other films in the series. And here, the film starts to grow to the cinematic Bond that we’ve always loved. Director Sam Mendes knows the franchise inside and out, and manages to subvert it in order to gives us a Bond that not only can bleed, but one that we care about. Even villians don’t come off as great as Silva does. A man Bond could become if he were ever betrayed by the country he has an oath to protect. Yeah, that shit is deep.
     Skyfall has become one of my go to films to show skeptics why I love Bond. Not the films, but the character. I admit that the previous films were more spectacle than story, but now it’s a new era, and its one I hope never comes to an end.


One thought on “James Bond Reviews: #2: Skyfall

  1. i saw this for the first time last night, so i would have an idea of what to expect from the latest installment, it was a bit slow and seemed almost to a have a lower budget from what i have come to expect from a Bond Film, whist all the pieces where there it just didn’t pick up for me until the last half and hour. it was a nice story i just thought Bond was too big to be mostly set in London these Days


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