James Bond Reviews: #3: From Russia, With Love


     It never ceases to astonish me that the series was already starting to get into its groove. There’s a lot more confidence in this movie than you would expect. This is only the second installment for fuck’s sake! The series was not quite into the formula just yet, and that makes it stand out in the best possible way.
     Organization SPECTRE is pretty fucking pissed that Bond (Sean Connery) had killed Dr. No in Jamaica, so now they want revenge. They basically plan to create a sex tape with Bond banging a Soviet defector named Tatiana (Danielle Bianchi). Under the guise of obtaining the Lecktor decoding machine, Bond is certain it’s a trap and takes the mission. But what he doesn’t anticipate is Rosa Klebb (Lotte Lenya) and Red Grant (Robert Shaw) out to assassinate him.
     For the longest time, From Russia, With Love was my top favorite Bond film. This film, is purely a spy film with an abundance of Cold War elements that many later Bond films lack, even during the height of the Cold War. It’s one of the few movies that stuck to the essence of the book; its aesthetic, it’s feel, just gives it that sense of suspense, and dread.
     The villains are so formidable this time around; with such a personal stake to not only kill Bond, but to discredit him. That’s some malicious shit right there. Grant is developed to be foil for Bond, and right from the beginning you know that when they cross paths, only one of them is going to make it out alive. Trust me, it’s not so much a fight scene between the two, but an all out fucking brawl.
     I know many people aren’t down with the older flicks, but this one captures the sense of adventure that the novels had, and sadly some of the films lack, and that shit is fun. Connery was easing into the role by now, shit was personal, and Bond gets laid. Actually the plan hinges on Bond getting it on, and 007 doesn’t give a fuck. If that doesn’t sound fucking epic, then why bother watching a James Bond movie?


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