James Bond Reviews: #8: The World Is Not Enough


     Now this is a controversial choice, especially so high up on this list. I agree with a lot of the criticisms regarding the film, but it’s not so monumental that it destroys the film, especially when it bottoms out as the worst film in the series (at least according to Entertainment Weekly). Let’s say that if you’ve seen at least one previous film in the series, you’ll realize that The World is Not Enough is one of the more emotionally charged Bond films.
     007 (Pierce Brosnan) is on the inactive roster for failing to capture the assassin of oil mogul Robert King (David Calder) and is sent to look after his daughter, Electra (Sophie Marceau) who was just returned safely from the clutches of Renard (Robert Carlyle) who is incapable of feeling pain. Once 007 figures out the truth, the ghosts of his past are finally coming forward.
     Now, let’s get to it shall we? How could I possibly love a movie that is loathed by many? The first clue is in the title. Yes, it appeared in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the one with Tracy. Believe me, she is the most important character in the Bond mythology. There is a particular shot of Renard that reminded me of Bond’s archenemy, Blofeld. In a round about way, this movie is a follow up to Service. Bond finally thought he found happiness, but instead he’s reliving the trauma of his past, but now with a chance to set it right. Yeah, I got all that because I saw one movie, and mother fucker is it a good one.
     Let’s the discuss the awkward nuclear physicist in the room, Christmas Jones played by Denise Richards. The woman was never going to win any Oscars, but Jesus did people fucking hate her. Enough to call this the worst Bond film. The problem with her character is that it’s barely fucking written. And I mean as anything barely resembling as a person. She exists solely to adhere to the formula that Bond gets to bang a chick at the end of the movie. That’s it pretty much. Is it enough to hate a movie, a fucking phenomenal one? Not to me. But I do agree that the movie ends with a pun so bad that it’ll make Roger Moore cringe.
     At this point Brosnan is firmly confident in the role, even playing up more of the pain that Bond typically hides. Watching the film again, I realized that this one thematically is closer to the Daniel Craig Bonds. And while the films have been really good at being standalones, it is a great feeling when 007’s history actually comes into play. It makes him seem human.


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