James Bond Reviews: #10: The Spy Who Loved Me


     Here we are at the best of the Roger Moore Bond films. Out of the 7 installments that Moore made, he was never better than he was here. If you step back and look at the film’s plot and structure, this was the movie that ushered in the modern version of the film series. But more importantly, Moore here infuses the character with a melancholy that shows that Moore under the right direction, was more than capable of being Bond.
     A Soviet, as well as a British, submarine have mysterious vanished from the seas, and 007 (Roger Moore) is sent in to investigate. While on his mission he crosses paths with agent Anya Amnosova aka XXX (Barbara Bach), and the two end up forming an uneasy alliance to stop Stromberg (Curd Jürgens) and his henchman Jaws (Richard Kiel) from triggering World War III.
     My favorite thing about the movie is that here we finally have an agent that is the mirror image of Bond, so it’s natural that 007 is going to want to fuck her. The recent crop of Bond ladies, well, sucked. Or rather, they were more damsels in distress more than anything. But I love the dynamic that if they were in different professions, leading different lives, they could have found happiness. This was the first Bond movie to explicitly refer to Tracy (more on her later) and Moore brings out the pain he conceals from beneath his suave exterior. Damn, this is such a great movie.
     There’s so much great fun to be had watching this film. I know it’s hard to get people to watch a Roger Moore Bond movie, but in all seriousness, this is clearly the best one to watch. Instead of playing it with a smirk and a wink, he adds a level of pathos, that quite frankly, makes you wish he had played it like this the entire time. At least here we get a quintessential Bond movie that all fans need to see.


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