James Bond Reviews: #14: For Your Eyes Only


     This seems to happen once in awhile when it comes to the Bond series; they take shit way too far, and then they have to ground it back to reality. Once you take Bond into space, seriously, where the fuck do you go from there? A small part of me is waiting to see how outlandish Bond is going to get with the current slate of films before they need to “ground” it back to reality.
     In Roger Moore’s fifth outing as Bond, he has to find the ATAC decoder that went down with a British ship, but the Russians are after it as well. Along the way he meets Melina (Carole Bouquet) who wants to avenge the death of her parents. Bond though finds himself caught in the middle of two feuding former friends (Topol, Julian Glover) and he doesn’t know who to trust.
     As far as Roger Moore outings go, this is one of his best ones. By now, Moore has got this Bond thing down. He even manages to get a little cold blooded by pushing a guy’s car down a cliff. That is a welcomed surprise. To be fair to my earlier statement, the producers really did make this a more grounded Bond film. It’s not really all that spectacular, but that’s a good thing. Out of the many (and I do mean many) times that Moore played Bond, this is one of the few that actually feels like a spy film. At its core, the movie is about protecting government secrets, and you can’t get any more spy than that.
     This installment does contain some of my favorite elements in the franchise; the beginning sees Bond visiting Tracy, which if you know your Bond, is the most important character in his history. Anytime she’s acknowledged, my attention stands up, knowing that she’s still lingers over him. The theme of the consequences of revenge play out pretty well, and this late in the series, it makes for a slightly more thought provoking film than what’s common during this era. Oh and there is a twist; nothing earth shattering, but again it was a welcomed surprise. With all these unexpected elements, you’ll find yourself having a better time, even if the movie drags at various points. Either way, worth checking out.


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