Trainwreck Review


     Full disclosure: I’m a Judd Apatow whore. I love every film that he has done as both a writer and director, so I had pretty high expectations going into this picture. I was worried that I would end up hating this movie, but almost immediately, I fell in love with it, and its one of the best movies of the year.
     Amy (Amy Schumer) doesn’t believe at all in monogamy thanks to her father’s (Colin Quinn) rant when he left her mother. Amy loves her career, but also likes to booze it up, and hook up with guys at the club even though she is seeing Steven (John Cena). But then it all goes to shit when she meets sports doctor Aaron (Bill Hader) and actually starts to, gasp, fall in love with him. Yes, it’s your standard romantic comedy, and yes, it’s fucking excellent.
     The key to the success of any romantic comedy is the fact whether you give a fuck about the couple at the center of it all. Schumer gives a nuanced, real performance (not surprising since she also wrote the script), that doesn’t devolve into shrillness, or artificiality. Basically, she feels like a real person. Believe me, in the realm of the romcom, that is high praise. The chemistry she has with Hader just carries you away into the story. I didn’t even pay much attention to it, since it just felt real. The icing on this cake comes in the form of LeBron James playing Aaron’s best friend and the voice of reason when it comes to relationships. Then there’s John Cena. Jesus Christ, John Cena. This guy almost stole the whole fucking movie with the fucked up shit he was saying, and to repeat them here would rob you of its brilliance.
      The honest genius of this movie is that by societal standards the gender roles are reversed. In many a films of this type, it’s the guy who loves his career and fucks around until a good woman comes along to make him settle down. Not here though. This isn’t a new idea, films like Boys and Girls, and That Awkward Moment also attempt to switch up the norms to varying degrees of success, or lack thereof. But with Schumer’s writing, and Apatow’s directing, they have managed to craft something very real, emotionally raw that many of us can learn from.


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