James Bond Reviews: #18: A View to a Kill


     Here we’ve come to one of the most hated Bond films in the whole canon. It’s not without good reason, looking at it though over the years, it started to grow on me. Yes, I resisted it, how can you admit that you don’t hate a Bond flick that is constantly at the bottom of most lists? Yes, the story is fucking preposterous, and Roger Moore has no business playing Bond at 57, especially when the ravages of time beat the fuck out of your face. There’s more to it than that.
     The story is pretty much a remake of Goldfinger, evil industrial millionaire Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) wants to flood Silicon Valley to corner the microchip market. I’m not making this shit up! And the movie starts strange too, involving some roided up horses or some such shit. Oh, and he wants to fuck with the San Andreas fault to flood Silicon Valley. Actually, this sounds hilarious.
     By all accounts, this isn’t what most people would call a good Bond film, more of a unintentionally hilarious Bond film. Yeah, Moore looks more like M than 007, and Tanya Roberts as Stacy Sutton is fucking shrill. She also looks like his granddaughter. It’s creepy, but funny as fuck too. To those who don’t know the film, Grace Jones is in the movie. Yep, androgenic 80s icon, Grace Jones. She’s more like Oddjob, than an actual character.
      This movie has Christopher Walken as the villain. That alone is reason to watch it. He Walkens it up so good. Only he can walk that fine line between charming and crazy. But in an actual good thing about the movie, is the score. It’s really fucking good and thrilling. I do wish that they would have reused some themes in the subsequent films, but when you get a horrible reputation they tend to want to ignore it. It is shame, because while the picture does have a lot of flaws, it’s not boring. Boring kills any film, especially an action movie. Trust me, there are worst films, this is the best worst Bond flick.


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