James Bond Films: #20: Tomorrow Never Dies


     I’m as shocked as anybody that I have a Pierce Brosnan Bond from this low on the list, but fuck here we are. GoldenEye was a tall fucking order to fulfill, and overall this installment just came up way too short. Aside from the car chase, is there really anything from the movie that’s memorable? That’s the inherent bummer of revisiting your beloved franchise; some installments just don’t hold up as well over time.
     With the threat of World War III looming, M (Judi Dench) sends 007 to investigate media mogul Eliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce) because he always seems to have the story before anyone else, especially when it comes to war ships. Soon 007 is teamed up with Wai Lin (Michelle Yoah) and both have to prevent war between China and the United Kingdom. It’s pretty standard Bond fare.
     Brosnan is as great as ever playing 007, he fits into the role with such ease, you’d swear he was born to play the role. I mentioned the car chase scene from earlier, and I’ve never seen an actor have so much fun playing 007. From the technical standpoints, it’s well made, great action, and good chemistry between 007 and Lin. It just seems to me that no matter how good you can be as Bond, the script can betray you.
     Like with any action film, a Bond movie is only as good as his villain, and there is no substitute for that rule here. It’s just a media mogul. Really, just a news guy. Doesn’t Bond have better shit to do? The previous film had an old friend back for revenge, and what this time? Bond fucked his wife once. Come to think of it, how the hell is 007 even still alive? Some jilted husband would have taken out by now, and I don’t mean for martinis.
     Taken the movie as a whole, it’s pretty lackluster. When I do find myself watching the picture, it seems more like a chore than entertainment. And no this isn’t a slight on Brosnan’s take as Bond, but revisiting some of these 90s Bonds you’re reminded of what doesn’t work. And yeah, this installment in particular reminded me of some of the Roger Moore Bonds. Trying way to hard to stay relevant and topical, instead of telling a compelling story.


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