James Bond Films: #21: Octopussy


     Here we are near the end of Roger Moore’s run as Bond, and it’s become old hat. The ravages of time are starting to show, and it becomes more difficult to believe this guy can get pussy much less an Octopussy. But his performance aside, the series started to fall into a formula (that we all know and love) but there’s no energy to it now, it’s like going to that one friends house because you need to be there, instead of wanting to be there.
     The story here involves a Fabergé egg, and the death of 009 which leads Bond to India to investigate a prince by the name of Kamal Kahn (Richard Jordan) and that leads him to Octopussy (Maud Adams) where Bond has to foil to blow up a circus. Wait, really?
     The one decent thing I have to say is that Moore is still having fun with the role. And for someone playing a character for their sixth time, that’s love and dedication to your role. But Octopussy as a character is fucking bland, especially for one that has a woman army at her disposal. Yes, nothing awesome is done with that. Jordan is a fine actor, and does an admirable job in the beginning, but then is tossed aside for Octopussy. She starts off as foe, then ally, and the Kahn character suffers because of it. It’s like at the end they were saying. “Oh shit! We forgot about Kahn!!” Really.
     The worst of these movies tend to be boring as fuck, and this one really can cure insomnia. It really isn’t all that memorable either. Seriously, the first thirty minutes or so are really entertaining, but then it falls off faster than a reality TV star. At least this installment isn’t as campy as some of the previous entries, until you see old Roger Moore as a clown. Even then… Jeez. It’s sad that the only notoriety this film has is it’s title, and it’s shitty title song being butchered by Marky Mark in Ted.


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