James Bond Films: #23: Live And Let Die


Note: A ranking of all the Bond films leading up to Spectre.

     Picking a worst Bond film is like picking which of your children do you hate the most. Sure, there’s stuff about them you like, but in the end, they’re a bit of an asshole. To be fair, this bottom film has changed over time, but as of right now, this movie, is just… Good God, did anyone making this think any of this was a good idea? I mean… This was the 70s, was it not a more progressive time? I mean shit..
     Here we have the first movie with Roger Moore as James Bond, and it is a time to rejoice. I guess. Sean Connery just walked away from a substantial run, and needed to move on. So, what do we have in store for Moore’s Bond? Well, just some international drug trades from Prime Minister Kananga (Yaphet Kotto). So, after an agent is killed 007 is sent to investigate this dastardly crime. And he bangs a psychic named Solitaire (Jane Seymour), and how!
     It’s a rather simplistic synopsis, but it’s a simplistic movie. Moore does what he does best, and that’s having a shit eating grin for the camera. I’m all for having a different interpretation as your predecessor, but good god, this?? A joke filled 007 that would have made Ian Fleming turn over in his grave? If you’ve watched the Daniel Craig Bond films, you’ll want to throw this one out.
     I hate to be this guy, but the movie is mind fuckingly racist. I get that this is the early 70s, and Shaft is all people can talk about, but holy fuck man. Having a cabbie take you to a KKK rally for 20 bucks is just a smidge insensitive, don’t you think? Oh and let’s the Pimpmobile ready for a middle aged British agent to blend in with along with a hillbilly redneck sheriff to lighten things up. Actually, this is all pretty funny.
     Yeah the action scenes are well done, but shouldn’t we get more? I do enjoy a bad movie, but a boring one? Fuck that. In the end, that’s what truly matters, if you’re entertained or not. So, aside from the racism, intentional or not, the plot meanders, and the villain does jack shit. Aside that he’s a Prime Minister, there’s nothing more to him. I have to say, the title song is amazing, and will live on forever, it’s just a crying shame that nothing else from the movie will.


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