Entourage Review


     I was dreading writing this review. Nothing on the quality of the movie, but whenever I’m giving an opinion on a film that follows a TV series I get asked the same fucking thing over and over:
     “Do I have to watch the series before I see the movie?”
     There’s two ways to honestly answer this. One is to say, “Why don’t you watch some of the series to gage if you’d like the movie?” The second is, “The fuck should I know, this show is seeped into my DNA, why didn’t you watch it when it was on??!!” Yes, I saw all 8 seasons of Entourage and no I can’t say if you need to see it or not when I saw the whole thing. That and it’s a follow up, so maybe there’s a wee bit of a hint there.
     I will say that it is more of the same when it comes to the plot of the movie as Vinnie Chase (Adrian Grenier) is making his directorial debut, E (Kevin Connolly) dealing with impending fatherhood, Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) living it up as a self made man, and Drama (Kevin Dillon) being Drama, and Ari (Jeremy Piven) now a studio head with his job on the line because of Vinnie going over budget. It’s basically a 2 hour episode of the show, and that’s not really a bad thing.
     Speaking as a fan of the show, this movie has everything you could want. The humor is very referential, and it does manage to catch you up to speed quickly, then it moves onto the main story. The great thing about the movie is that it feels like you’re catching up with old friends, and as a continuation film, that was pretty much the one thing it had to get right. Fuck that up, and you leave the fans with a wasted opportunity, and you have sunk before you swam.
     Because I’m not a bullshitter, there was a problem I had with the movie, and it’s the same one I’ve had on the show, and that’s concerning E and Sloane. This will they or won’t they horseshit needs to fucking stop. This is some Ross and Rachel shit, and if I wanted that, I’d have a bottle of Jack, a tub of Rocky Road, singing “I’ll Be There For You” and wondering where the fuck I went wrong in my life. I don’t want that in my Entourage; either let them be happy, or just end it. It holds this back from being the true joy that this film needs to be.
     The film really works when it’s about the core five guys, and what their friendship and brotherhood really means to them. When those moments shine through, you remember that that’s why you watched the show in the first place, and what could make converts of the uninitiated. This is one hundred percent a comfort film that puts you in the peace of mind that you have your friends by your side and that’s all that matters. Except those guys have supermodels and blow, but hey nothing is perfect.


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