Why I’m Excited For The Force Awakens


     I’ve watched Star Wars my entire life.  It’s very much apart of me as a person, and as a geek. After the prequel trilogy, George Lucas announced that that was it, the end of the series as we knew it. This came as a great shock, since we were always lead to believe that there were going to be nine films in the saga (twelve by some reports). After the bitter aftertaste that was the prequels, we as a fandom were ready to move on and put the previous six years behind us. Then 2012 happened, LucasArts had been acquired by Disney, and that sequel trilogy that we gave up on was now going to finally happen.
     And no one could give a fuck.
     I get it. I’m very understanding of the disappointment that the prequels represent, but is it enough to abandon a lifelong fandom? A resounding yes is what I always heard. So now I present to you, why I’m excited, why my faith has been renewed, and with all due respect, you should be too.
     First, Lucas is not involved at all in this sequel trilogy. That alone made me jump for joy. The man is a visionary, with an imagination to match, but there was no love, heart, or soul in the prequels. It’s been speculated that Lucas had surrounded himself with a bunch of Yes Men, and a shit load of bad ideas came out with no restraint. He always wanted to so other types of movies, but when you get pestered enough, you go back to the well to shut the fans up. And holy shit, that didn’t happen. I always thought that if he didn’t want to do them, give them to someone who does. Now, that time has come.
     When I first heard that JJ Abrams was going to direct Episode VII, I was a bit upset for the same reason everyone was: he directed a Star Trek movie. For those who don’t know, Trekkers and Star Wars Geeks have never gotten along. It’s like the Bloods and the Crips but with costumes and plastic props. It’s a rivalry for the ages. The fact that some Hollywood mother fucker dare cross the sacred line of fandom was unspeakable. How dare he?! I looked into this and he turned it down multiple times because he’s a huge fan and didn’t want to fuck it up. But what was it that put me at ease with his selection? The lack of lens flares, and practical effects to match the look of the original trilogy. Then when word came out that the Millennium Falcon would be an actual set, one you could actually step in, then I was a bit more at peace.
     Here’s what I don’t get: How can a Star Wars fan not be excited to see Luke, Han, and Leia again? To see what they’ve been up to for the past 30 years? When I saw the first footage and the Falcon was flying high again, I shed such tears of joy. Deep down, if you look hard enough, this is what we’ve always wanted. An actual star war, not trade embargoes, and senate hearings. There’s a lot of speculation on the story, and it’s just enough for me to wonder how our old friends tie into the whole thing.
     I’ve been saving the best for last. This is the reason that made me go, “I’m so fucking there!” The first screenwriter on the project based his screenplay on Lucas’s outline. Apparently this was shitty enough to make Abrams throw it out, and start from scratch with another screenwriter. That man is Lawrence Kasdan. If you don’t recognize the name he wrote Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Yes, he wrote some of the best entries in those respective franchises. My heart leapt into my chest, and made me realize that Abrams is pulling out the big guns, he’s determined to give us a great  Star Wars movie.
     What I came to realize is that this is going to be the first Star Wars movie made by a fanboy. Abrams, like a lot of us, grew up with the series, and recognizes it’s importance. The man is one of us, and when he brought on Kasdan, that sealed it for me. This is going to be something special. I recognize the skepticism that a lot of you have, and that’s OK. But what I’m trying to impart is that I don’t want to see any of you miss out on something because the last guy didn’t give a shit. That was then. This is now. Give the new guy a chance. He might’ve just made your favorite Star Wars film.


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