What I Expect From The New Twin Peaks (Part III)


     I had to gives this a lot of thought. Anyone who’s familiar with the works of David Lynch knows that you can expect the unexpected. I can’t help but have expectations for what’s in store of this continuation, so giving some broad thoughts on the matter I have just a short list of things that I want to see. Even if it doesn’t give me all that I want, I’ll be alright with that, because at least we’ll see new episodes for roughly 18 weeks. Better than nothing right?
     Let’s get the big motherfucker out of the way: what the fuck has happened to Dale over the past 25 years? When we last saw him he was in the Black Lodge with Bob having escaped. I can’t begin to fathom what Dale has been going through all this time. Does he get out? If he does, then how? The possibilities are endless, and knowing Lynch’s style, we’re not going to get an answer if they’re going to go that route. For now, it’s fun to wonder and get some some semblance of an answer soon.
     Another crucial one is what has been happen in Twin Peaks for the past 25 years? I’ve read reports that this is going to be a major factor in the episodes to come, and that there will be a book written by co-creator Mark Frost that details the 25 year history of the town. Think about it, what has Harry been up to? Shelly? Did Audrey survive?! Most could say that casting announcements spoil who lived and died in the finale, but this is David Lynch, dreams and visions play a huge role in his storytelling. How would Twin Peaks even manage as a town in the 21st century? It’s a small rural town, do they even have a Starbucks?
     Believe it or not, that’s pretty much it for me. I’m trying not have unrealistic expectations, and with the scare last month that Lynch wasn’t returning to direct, my enthusiasm had waned, and my mind is still trying to process that he’s back with 18 episodes instead of the original 9 that had been previously announced. I guess now it’s time to wait on a trailer to see if they’re recapturing the look of the first series or if this is going to be some new kind of monster. It’s going to be the latter. Now, go have yourself a damn fine cup of coffee and a slice of apple pie. Coop would.


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