Mad Max Fury Road Review

     Cinema has always had it’s fair share of mythic figures, primarily The Man With No Name, but very few have existed in our contemporary times. This thought process when through my mind watching “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Everyone from people in the media, to actual friends have asked if this is a sequel or a reboot. I say it’s both, and neither.
     “Fury Road” is a post-apocalyptic action movie where both water and gasoline are high commodities. Furiosa (Charlize Theron) is leading a group of pregnant women away from their sadistic leader to The Green Place. Max (Tom Hardy) is a drifter who just happened to get caught up in the proceedings. What then follows is a feature length chase scene through the desert. That’s it. It’s Mad Max.
     Do you remember how much you loved the “The Road Warrior” yet hated “Beyond Thunderdome”? Well this installment fixes all of the stuff you hatred. This is truly chaos on the silver screen. All the action is done with practical effects. Which means cars are actually crashing, guys are suspended by beams, and yes, there is a guy playing a guitar that shoots flames.
     Yes, that actually happens.
     If you managed to grow up throughout the 80s and 90s, then there’s a high chance you came across the Mad Max trilogy, and unlike some other fourth installments of former trilogies, this exceeds the expectations set forth by those previous films. Look, Mel Gibson is Mad Max. Always will be, but Hardy now approaches him differently. To the people curious to the series, I say watch ” The Road Warrior” and you’ll get an idea of what to expect. For the rest of us fans, who know how insane it can get, then come on back.
     But as much as went apeshit over all the lunacy, I was also drawn in on how they handled Max this time around. Well, since I mentioned it earlier, it is neither and yet, both a sequel and a reboot. I see Max now as the mythic figure he became at the end of ” The Road Warrior “. He’s the one figure that people tell stories about, that whisper his name, and even inspire hope. “Fury Road” is just another story that is being told to us. Another tale of the legendary Mad Max.


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